Are you ready for a warehouse management system (WMS) that’s as simple as counting to three? How about a warehouse management system that won’t interrupt your current operations while it is being set up? Do you want your WMS to feature amazing new tool and is right out-of-the-box ready? Then a cloud-based WMS is for you.

Historically, implementing a traditional warehouse management system has been a slow and arduous process. Getting from purchase to planning to testing to fixing to going live has taken anywhere from six months to an entire year!

That all changes with a cloud-based WMS. With a SaaS (software as a service – or a technical way to say “cloud-based”) WMS, it’s the exact opposite. A new cloud-based WMS can be up and running in just a matter of days. It’s non-disruptive, quick, painless, and powerful.

A Cloud-based WMS is Easier

A cloud-based WMS is preconfigured to run on a wide variety of environments with a huge variety of translators and connectors to easily integrate with your existing solutions. Business rules built into the system eliminate the need to create custom code. If customizations and modifications to the system are needed, they are rolled into the product as a workflow business rule. This means that there are no longer marooned code/apps running and that you can automatically upgrade to the newest version of the software without having to rewrite it.

A Cloud-based WMS is Faster

A cloud-based WMS implementation only takes about four to six weeks to be running at full steam for your company. Pre-defined workflows give the ability to predefine a system, with little to no customization involved, greatly reducing the implementation time. The process to go from spec to hardware installation used to take months, now the WMS is ready to be turned on instantly in our data center. Your system can literally be up and running in days, not months.  

A Cloud-based WMS is Cheaper

The cost of cloud-based WMS implementation is much lower than a traditional WMS. Pre-defined business logic built into the systems based on years of implementations eliminates the need for costly professional services. It takes a much shorter time period to recoup your investment and increase the value for your customers. A traditional WMS was expected to last 10 years to gain maximum profitability from it, but with a cloud-based WMS, the ROI is immediate and you can stay on the cutting edge, instead of being weighed down by old hardware as time passes.

A Cloud-based WMS is Better

Buying a WMS used to be a long-term and monumental task with a long-term and monumental commitment to a vendor. Now with short-term, month-to-month commitments, you have the power to do what’s best for your company and customers without disrupting operations.

Getting up and running with a traditional WMS can be a long, complicated, and costly process. Cloud-based systems are making all of these challenges a thing of the past. A cloud-based WMS is low-cost, quick and easy to install, and extremely flexible. You don’t have to worry about the core technology falling behind the times, as they are easy to upgrade. Contact us today to see how you can start making your warehouse run more efficiently.