Your warehouse management system does more than just fill an operational need within your organization, it helps achieve boardroom goals. By moving to the cloud it can still track goods in and out of the warehouse, but the information at your fingertips to influence larger strategic business decisions are your new competitive weapon. A cloud-based WMS will contribute directly to your bottom line and have a heavy impact on your annual reports.

Achieve Your Strategic Goals

Want to reduce costs by 15% throughout your supply chain? Digging into the real-time data and reports will show you hidden inefficiencies that can be cut from your business.

Want to do a better job of collecting all of your revenue? Billing functionality built right into the WMS will help.

Want to figure out how to increase output while lowering your overall labor costs? Labor management functionality built right into the WMS can do that.

With a clear view of all of the vital analytics from your business operations, you will be able to measure the direct impact your WMS has on your business, and use it to continuously improve your business as a whole. Every single one of your business’s concrete strategic goals can be accomplished and monitored by maximizing your WMS. Choosing the right WMS is now a strategic decision that will show just how valuable the system, and in turn you, are for bringing it aboard your organization.

Actionable Mission Data for The Boardroom

A cloud-based WMS will set your data free to flow effortlessly throughout the company, instead of being bound by the four walls of the warehouse. You have complete transparency to track every facet of your supply chain and to uncover valuable analytics in real-time to aid decision making. Root out problems before they happen on the floor and keep your warehouse running more effectively. It’s a great way to stay out in front of the competition. Every company is unique, and a cloud WMS can adapt to each company with custom reports that give them the exact metrics they want to track right out of the box.

Real-time analytics provide the blueprint for how to reduce costs and uncover revenue in your supply chain. Making the right changes will not only improve your operations and customer service but will have a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Develop Realistic Future Goals

Gone are the days where you’re stuck to a stagnant on-premise WMS that costs a fortune to upgrade and needs to be integrated with other services. Moving to a best-in-class cloud platform will ensure that your technology stays on the cutting edge. It will be continuously upgraded for security and relevancy purposes. Advanced functionality to increase efficiency can be added to a cloud-based WMS with ease. You can connect robotics, mobile devices, voice picking, or any number of future technologies to your system within a few mouse clicks. Voice picking alone is proven to increase worker productivity by 35%. Utilizing a fully supported cloud platform for your warehouse management system will ensure that you have a cost-effective means to connect to the latest and greatest ways to achieve your organization’s goals.

Most businesses have too narrow a view of what their warehouse management system is truly capable of. It’s viewed as merely a tool to track a product from its origin point in the warehouse to the point when it leaves, and nothing more. That all changes in the cloud. A cloud-based WMS will become an active and vital part of your organization, not just in the warehouse, but throughout the entire enterprise.