Downers Grove, IL - Upp Technology, a leader in emergency preparedness and response solutions, announced today that state of Oregon Department of Human Services, Division of Public Health has selected the irms|360™ Enterprise solution suite to manage the state's critical emergency supplies. The software, including irms|WM™ Warehouse Management and irms|EM™ Emergency Management, will provide the state with real-time visibility to resources including vaccines, antivirals and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

irms|WM provides the state with control of the emergency management supply chain from procurement through shipping. The software solution manages the receipt of inventory, the processing of orders, the generation of outbound documentation, the transfer between facilities and inventory control on a day-to-day basis. irms|360 applies dynamic business rules to enforce state policies and industry best practices individually on each state warehouse floor.

irms|EM provides the state with complete control of the receipt, staging and mobilization of emergency countermeasures, pharmaceuticals, supplies and equipment. The Web-based system allows state officials to immediately locate and mobilize resources in an emergency event from an annual flu season response to wildfires or earthquakes. The software provides a verifiable audit trail as required by the U.S. government in the handling of controlled substances such as vaccines and antivirals, and facilitates a timely response in the event that local supplies require replenishment.

irms|360 is a proven solution currently operating in