Downers Grove, IL - Upp Technology, a leader in emergency preparedness and response solutions, announced today that the state of Florida Department of Health (DOH), Bureau of Statewide Pharmaceutical Services (BSPS) has selected the irms|360™ Enterprise solution suite in a hosted environment to manage the State's pharmaceutical inventory. Software selected from the suite includes irms|EM™ Emergency Management, irms|WM™ Warehouse Management and irms|BI Business Intelligence to provide the BSPS with real-time visibility, enhanced accuracy and increased productivity.

irms|WM provides the BSPS with a centralized warehouse management resource for statewide pharmaceutical programs including: AIDS, epilepsy, family planning, insulin, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, and Public Health preparedness drugs. The software records every movement of the drugs throughout the state, from distribution to county health departments, local clinics, specialty care facilities and Points of Dispensing (PODs), to administration of the drugs at local healthcare providers.

irms|EM provides the BSPS with an emergency management resource that will increase the speed and eff