Big Data? Labor Management? Data Security? The State of the Cloud? Find out what topic made the top spot on our list of the top 10 articles featured on the irms|360 Supply Chain and Warehousing Blog in 2016.

Here are the top articles as selected by our readers.

#10 Mastering Big Data is Essential to your Supply Chain

Big Data has rapidly become synonymous with big revenue. But what does having big data really mean for an organization?

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#9 The Time Is NOW for Supply Chain and the Cloud

Considering how fast technology is advancing and how that advance is affecting the way supply chains function, companies need to adopt the cloud now.

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#8 Buying a WMS is A Lot Like Buying Ice Cream

When you get into the actual implementation of a WMS, a generic strawberry sundae quickly becomes a unique creation that’s just right for you.

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#7 Top 10 Supply Chain and Warehousing Trends for 2017

The digital supply chain is making logistics faster, more efficient, more accurate, and much cheaper. Breakthroughs in cloud and digital and mobile technology have spawned a new set of trends that will have a reverberating effect on the supply chain industry for years to come. These are the top 10 supply chain and warehousing trends for 2017.

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#6 The Cloud Demands a New ROI Formula

The most important calculation for any software purchase is, of course, Return on Investment. ROI is a simple way to determine implementation success, and whether the project has yielded positive payback for the business.

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#5 Pick, Pack, and Ship Faster in the Cloud

When your attention is focused on outbound processes, your company is making money. The number one variable in your Pick, Pack, and Ship services is the speed and accuracy of your order fulfillment.

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#4 The State of the Cloud in 2016

All statistics point to the inevitability of a cloud-dominated marketplace in the next decade. Here are some of the latest facts and figures regarding the current state of the cloud.

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#3 5 Tips for a Successful WMS Deployment

You have made the decision, you have selected the vendor, and now all that is left is to deploy your new cloud Warehouse Management System. A piece of cake, right?

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#2 Time to Adjust Your Bearings on Cloud Data Security

The idea that the cloud is not secure has been an operative principle among executives making IT decisions for a very long time. Today, the fears about cloud data security are proving obsolete.

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#1 How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service with Demand Planning

Demand planning functionality within your cloud warehouse management system allows you to deal with the reality of your supply chain. It enables you to react to a shortage in supply and reserve inventory for your most important customers, protecting them from interruptions.

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