Submitted on Wed, 2014-06-25
By Jim Laverty

In both the short and long-term, a SaaS pricing model will help you become more profitable and more flexible.

SaaS Warehouse Management System

With the SaaS pricing, you not only save money in the long run but you’ll become more profitable with quicker time-to-value and a blazing fast ROI. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model allows you to access the full functionality of traditional software through the internet while paying an incredibly low monthly subscription fee for each user.

Here’s how SaaS pricing will help your business grow:


Lower Entry Cost

saas warehouse management system benefit #1 - low cost

Compared to the typical warehouse management system, a cloud-based WMS has a significantly lowered upfront cost. Capital expenditures are a thing of the past with a cloud-based WMS. You no longer need to purchase expensive hosting equipment, have developers custom code the system to meet your requirements, or wait months during the previous costly and lengthy installation process before you can use the WMS. Your system is hosted for you with advanced integration features to quickly and cost-effectively connect the WMS to all of your existing systems.


saas warehouse management system benefit #2 - low risk

Lower Risk

The elimination of the infrastructure and personnel necessary to support an on premise WMS means lowered risk. You won’t feel like you’re tied to the same system for ten years anymore. Software no longer dictate business decisions, and you can choose the right system to help your business thrive.


Cost-effective Growth

saas warehouse management system benefit #3 - easy growth

Utilizing the cloud for your WMS allows your business to grow more easily and efficiently. You aren’t going to outgrow the cloud, and when you need to add more users to the system, you only need to purchase another user subscription. That’s a huge cost savings over buying and installing new servers on premise. Having more users in a cloud-based WMS will often translate to higher user discounts. Your WMS will no longer hold you back or be a liability while your business expands.


Access to the Best Technology

saas warehouse management system benefit #4 - best technology

SaaS pricing makes it easier for small and medium sized businesses to gain access to the world’s best technology. The barriers to entry are fewer, and the technology available is the best there is. You can literally use the same software as billion dollar companies to help you stay competitive. The low SaaS monthly cost includes a multitude of services in it. The subscription covers usage rights for the WMS, 24x7 system support, maintenance, comprehensive security, feature upgrades, and continuous product development.


saas warehouse management system benefit #5 - easier executive buy-in

Easier Executive Buy-In

The low upfront costs and minimized capital expenditures means that it’s quicker and easier for warehouse managers to get buy in and approval from business leaders to get moving on the WMS. The quicker the system can be implemented, the sooner you can reap the benefits of a cloud-based WMS.


saas warehouse management system benefit #6 - constant improvements

Dynamic & Advanced Features

Lower risk for you means more responsibility for your cloud provider. It puts a far greater responsibility on the provider to keep their WMS on the cutting-edge to stay ahead of the competition that you could more easily jump to. Cloud providers are going to work harder to keep you on their system, providing exemplary customer support and continuously working to improve their technology.


Currently, only 8% of warehouses are utilizing the cloud for their WMS. Jump in front of your competitors today and start taking advantage of not only the increased functionality of a cloud-based WMS, but the benefits of the SaaS pricing model.

The cloud’s blazing fast ROI will help you build a stronger organization. Learn more about how you can reap the benefits of the cloud and SaaS pricing for your supply chain and give our cloud experts a call to learn about the future of warehouse management.

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