Submitted on Mon, 2016-02-08
By Upp Software

4 Technology Trends that will Revolutionize the Supply Chain Industry

The convergence of technology and consumer behavior will dramatically reshape and redefine the supply chain over the next decade. Real-time visibility, universal connectivity, and ubiquitous accessibility will allow supply chains to monitor every aspect of the operation, including customers, products, locations, and assets.

In the future, supply chains will automatically improve operations, speed, accuracy, and forecasting by synthesizing huge amounts of data from millions of connected devices, monitors, sensors and transactions. The supply chain of tomorrow will be a symphony of automated functions that intelligently optimize productivity by reacting to changes in the supply chain as they occur.

This ebook presents four technology trends that will revolutionize the industry within the next decade, including:  

  1. Digital Business
  2. The Internet of Things
  3. Robotics
  4. Big Data

For supply chains, investment in digitization must be able to adapt and persist through the growing and integration pains that change brings. To maximize the benefits, the investment strategy must be one that focuses on building the most flexible technology architecture and platform of your organization’s future.



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