Submitted on Mon, 2016-05-02
By Upp Software

Advanced functionality secures customer service, provides premier customers with 100% order accuracy 

Demand Planning Warehouse Management System
Upp Technology, a leading provider of cloud supply chain solutions, announced a new Demand Planning Module to enhance its best-in-class irms|360 Enterprise® Cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The advanced functionality is designed to safeguard top customers from supply chain volatility and provide outstanding customer service, ensuring orders are received accurately and on-time every time.

We’ve developed a superior demand planning function that intelligently allocates items, ensuring the integrity of orders by reserving select inventory while waiting for the rest of their order to be fulfilled,” stated Jeff Atkins, Upp Technology managing partner. “The system has built-in flexibility to manage your entire supply chain upstream and downstream so every order is delivered to the precise specifications of each client.”

The Cloud Warehouse Management System’s new demand planning functionality allows warehouse managers to soft allocate inventory for orders that may not ship for 60 days. This functionality is critical to reserving products for complex orders, ensuring that customers receive their order at the expected delivery date and eliminating the risk of misallocating product for new orders. 

Benefits of the irms|360 Enterprise® Demand Planning Module include:

  • Soft allocation of inventory on-hand for existing orders

  • Ability to modify orders upon receipt and on the fly to reflect exactly what is needed and shipped

  • Automatic generation of back orders based on inventory not available at the time

  • Real-time monitoring of online fill rates for each order line

  • Control distribution by individual customers with partial distributions, 100 percent fill rates, partial ships or holdbacks

  • Easy to use interface with distinct, well-defined indicators and grids


Your customers, especially your premier ones, should always receive 100% order accuracy,” continued Atkins. “Our new demand planning tool makes sure that your clients are never surprised or disappointed by what they receive. This is a key instrument for taking care of your organization’s most valuable customers.

Demand Planning and Exceptional Customer Service
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