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By Upp Software

Bold open source cloud design maximizes existing technology investments while ensuring compatibility with future technologies.

Warehouse Management System on an iPad

Upp Technology is proud to announce upgrades to its irms|360® Enterprise Cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS), now providing complete iOS compatibility, best-of-breed third-party application connections, critical security upgrades and thousands of personal customizations for a superior user experience.



 “irms|360® Enterprise is one of the most advanced and flexible supply chain cloud platforms available today,” said Managing Partner, Jeff Atkins. "With full Tier-1 functionality, our system is designed to maximize the technology your organization is running today while remaining flexible to adapt to the technology you will be running in a decade.”

Leading Cloud Technology

This advanced cloud technology platform is independent, technology-neutral and judiciously utilizes open source technology. The multitenancy-supportive framework of irms|360 Enterprise provides each client with secure access to its data for a globally accessible and continually available user experience.

We are committed to providing continuous upgrades to our best-in-class system that offers the most flexible and personalized user experience available,” continued Atkins. “With the newest enhancements, irms|360® Enterprise is more secure and more compatible than ever while providing faster, markedly cheaper integration to nearly every major system.”

Upgrades to the irms|360® Enterprise include:

  • Powerhouse Integrations
    Powered by the open source Talend platform, Upp Technology’s standard API integration packages now include Amazon, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, Intacct, QuickBooks, and more than 800 additional software applications. These pre-existing connections and common graphical tooling, repository, and deployment allow for seamless integration into any existing internal system.

  • iOS Compatibility
    New iOS mobile support extends the same user experience to any iOS compatible device. With a sleek new interface, users can now perform any WMS function on an iPad or iPhone, from monitoring global warehouse metrics to pulling items on the warehouse floor.

  • Strengthened Security
    Critical security patches and network upgrades strengthen an already rock-solid data management capability in our SSAE Type II certified environment, providing the highest level of security available.

  • Enhanced User Experience
    New best-of-breed third-party application connections give the platform flexibility to customize the system to each particular environment and every single user. With custom language support, individual or role-based security controls and thousands of in-application customization options, each user can dictate their experience creating the most advanced user-focused environment possible.

  • Global Accessibility
    This advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) features Tier-1 functionality on a 100% browser enabled platform. This universal accessibility allows secure access from anywhere - no strings attached. With total command and control of the WMS through a standard web browser, the system is always on and always available.

  • 100% Up Time
    Due to the advanced virtualization strategy of the cloud platform, the system can easily stand up new clients quickly, providing a clustered environment for near 100% uptime and disaster recovery.


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