Submitted on Mon, 2016-05-09
By Upp Software

Advanced Multilingual Support to Empower All Warehouse Employees

Multilingual Cloud Warehouse Management System

Upp Technology, a leading provider of cloud supply chain solutions, today announced that its leading irms|360® Enterprise Cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS) is now available in all languages commonly used within a warehouse environment. Driving a more cohesive supply chain, the irms|360 Enterprise Cloud WMS automatically translates all words and characters to the user's preferred language, allowing every employee the opportunity to rise to their full potential.


“In almost every warehouse, multiple languages are spoken on the floor,” stated Jeff Atkins, Upp Technology managing partner. “We are proud to announce that our cloud warehouse management system supports nearly all languages and is helping warehouse employees become cohesive working teams.”

Enhanced by dynamic, seamless language translation, the system eliminates language barriers at the login screen. Upon logging into the system, each employee can select their preferred language with their specific username, and the system will automatically display in the language of their choosing.

The irms|360 Enterprise Cloud WMS multilingual functionality includes:

  • Support for UTF-8 character set encoding
  • Support for “right to left” languages, including Hebrew and Arabic
  • Full mobile device support
  • Custom nomenclature for a particular environment
  • Localization and language customized for the specific geographic areas
  • Language-specific login access that directly correlates the user to a chosen language

“Multilingual support will help raise the performance of each employee and directly lead to increased revenue and overall growth,” continued Atkins. “By breaking down communication barriers, you can help each employee operate at 100% effectiveness.”

Upp’s next-generation cloud WMS is built on the most advanced technology available today. Bundled into a leading-edge technology stack, the irms|360® Enterprise is a tier-1, best-of-breed Cloud Warehouse Management System providing end-to-end supply chain management in real-time.

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  • Robust tier-1 warehouse management system core functionality
  • Impressive mobile functionality optimized for use with iPads on the warehouse floor
  • Time-saving automation across complex supply-chain and financial processes

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