To ensure the world’s foremost sports competition came off without a hitch, the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Games (VANOC) needed an event-driven, centralized and inherently flexible Warehouse Management System to manage enterprise supply chain logistics of over 800,000 pieces of equipment and supplies.
In order for U.S. Toy to ensure their customers receive the party supplies and quality toys they have come to expect, they turn to irms|360, a cloud warehouse management solution to provide end-to-end visibility on toy shipments nationwide, no matter the size or destination.
As consumer buying trends have increasingly moved toward ecommerce, Dotcom found they required an event-driven, service-oriented Warehouse Management System that was centrally managed and inherently flexible to meet the needs of its clients’ customers.
Having been asked by one of their longtime customers to expand into order fulfillment and distribution of drug samples to support a new product launch, Priority Solutions acquired a warehouse and needed an advanced warehouse management system to support the new facility’s pharmaceutical operations – fast.