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Client Profile

U.S. Toy has remained a family-owned and operated business since 1953, producing non-violent, affordable toys to retailers across the United States.

In order for U.S. Toy to ensure their customers receive the party supplies and quality toys they have come to expect, they turn to irms|360, a cloud warehouse management solution to provide end-to-end visibility on toy shipments nationwide, no matter the size or destination.


Utilizing the irms|360 cloud WMS as an inventory management solution, U.S. Toy has ensured its warehouses will be able to handle any demand, cut costs and meet shipment deadlines on-time. Integrated with RF and barcoding technology, the system ensures fast, accurate and complete tracking for each and every inbound and outbound delivery, with lot control and kitting as standard features, as well as serialization, which allows warehouse managers to track every product from manufacturer to warehouse to retailer.

irms|360 provides warehouse staff with integrated shipping with UPS and custom multipart pick tickets and shipping labels, allowing a simplification of the picking, packing and shipping process to more readily meet customer demand. irms|360 also integrates with both U.S. Toy’s host system and the warehouse’s conveyor system to support cartonization, order management, and zone picking, thereby ensuring the most expedient and accurate movement of goods from warehouse to consumer, regardless if the goods are self-shipped, shipped as a carton or a kitted group. The warehouse staff can track goods down to a specific item, with irms|360 providing carton-to-carton transfers of products, with updates to shipping label production in real-time.

U.S. Toy’s warehouses are able to ensure 99.99% inventory accuracy with Aptean’s 24x7x365 Global Help Desk, providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd level escalation support. With daily support and accurate answers specifically tailored to any situation from Aptean support specialists, and on-site visits to warehouses that ensure new code releases are smoothly integrated, Aptean also provides modifications and configurations specific to U.S. Toy’s inventory software needs. This ensures efficiency and productivity are maintained.

Business Value

The end-to-end visibility and unmatched inventory accuracy offered by irms|360 provide U.S. Toy with the potential to achieve the utmost in shipping efficiency and accuracy. Aptean’s trained support specialists ensure that U.S. Toy’s inventory management solution is not only ready to handle day to day movement of product but prepared with a solution that can be configured and modified to meet any demand.