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Client Profile

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games is internationally recognized as one of the largest installments in the longstanding tradition of the winter sports competition. With over 2,500 athletes from 82 nations participating in 86 events, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games had an estimated cost of over $1.3 billion.

To ensure the world’s foremost sports competition came off without a hitch, the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Games (VANOC) needed an event-driven, centralized and inherently flexible Warehouse Management System to manage enterprise supply chain logistics of over 800,000 pieces of equipment and supplies.


With irms|360, VANOC, the non-profit organization responsible for planning, organizing, financing and staging the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, achieved continuous real-time inventory visibility, increased operational efficiencies and total accountability in inventory management.

VANOC used irms|360 in their material planning, purchasing, receiving, warehouse operations, venue planning, asset management and disposal operations. The system allowed logistics personnel at the Winter Games to track delivery and return of over 800,000 individual items, including 20,567 deliveries made to more than 70 venues.

irms|360 handled the receipt, storage and distribution of everything large and small – from forklifts capable of lifting up to 700 lbs. and scaffolding reaching “45 stacks” to drill bits and earplugs.

As part of the VANOC engagement, irms|360 warehouse management solution developed enhanced material demand planning, enabling warehouse managers to exercise complete control over the planning of material levels, create scenarios and design how items should be located – in what space, at what time and in what quantities. Once scenarios were committed, item demand was set per location, and material handlers directed to fulfill inventory needs according to the plan.

VANOC plans also called for enterprise integration, including to both their Navision financial system and to a CAD system. Bi-directional integration with Navision supported functions such as Accounts Payable and Sales; while, integration with the CAD system enabled venue planners to view the layout of proposed inventory deployments.

“[irms|360] was able to provide the system capability to meet our needs with no performance issues or downtime,” said Grant Earnshaw, VANOC Director of Material Logistics Operations. “This success would not have been possible without the services provided by irms|360.”

Business Value

Our irms|360 warehouse management solution provided the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games with the ultimate in end-to-end inventory control. Having been able to track all their equipment needs, sporting goods, audiovisual technology, even athletes’ room amenities, VANOC was able to ensure smooth operations at the world’s largest winter sports competition.