Client Profile:
LeMans Corporation, a billion dollar wholesale distributor of OEM and replacement parts for the power sports industry, delivers for a global dealer network of over 30,000 retailers.
In a competitive wholesale landscape, LeMans Corporation – fulfilling an average of 20,000 orders per day, 7.5 lines per order, while also managing a complex centralized returns processing environment – required a warehouse management system to ensure inventory accuracy and global visibility.
LeMans Corporation maintains one of the most complex and efficient distribution models in the world, including 10 miles of high-speed conveyors utilizing intelligent RFID tote routing and tracking, and online traffic controls for inbound receipts, returns, and outbound orders. irms|WM® Warehouse Management was implemented in a redundant Red Hat Linux environment, supporting over 700 concurrent users with real-time data through a network of advanced RF devices over a dedicated, secure WAN.
LeMans Corporation deployed the irms|WM Warehouse Management System at each of its six regional distribution centers, integrating to a multi-tiered material handling environment in each facility. The implementation effort included multi-site project management, business process analysis and mapping, personnel and work management, leading system integration, and test plan development for systems quality assurance.
Business Value:
The WMS has allowed LeMans Corporation to leverage its inventory and human capital, enforce continuity in its supply chain network, and achieve 100% inventory accuracy at the bin level, increasing throughput and guaranteeing same-day order fulfillment and 100% shipping accuracy.
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