Client Profile:

Dotcom Distribution is a premier 3PL/4PL company strategically located to reach 50% of the U.S. population by the next day and 75% within 3 days by ground. Engaged exclusively in e-commerce fulfillment and distribution, Dotcom ships over $1 Billion a year in inventory for major household names such as Johnson & Johnson, Kenneth Cole, Bliss Health Products, Sirius Satellite Radio, Microsoft, AT&T and IBM.

As consumer buying trends have increasingly moved toward e-commerce, Dotcom found they required an event-driven, service-oriented Warehouse Management System that was centrally managed and inherently flexible to meet the needs of its clients’ customers.


Upp Technology implemented the irms|WM™ Warehouse Management System for Dotcom, providing them with a technology platform that could grow alongside their customer base. Highly flexible, the system provides user-configurable business rules, enabling 3PL/4PL distributors like Dotcom to configure a unique virtual warehouse for each client – warehouse layout, racking, hot picking, packaging, etc.

Built-in integration technology additionally provides a range of options for customer communications, supporting XML, EDI transformations, HTTP Sockets, FTP, APIs, and other means even flat files, enabling Dotcom to support most any third-party enterprise systems integration for functions such as e-commerce order processing and shipping notification, along with secure, online inventory visibility.

irms|WM at Dotcom supports more than 400,00 square feet in warehouse facilities, including dozens of shipping and receiving doors and every sort of location from pallets to bins. Fast, efficient data capture from wireless bar code scanners provides continuous visibility to accurate inventory and location data. And built-in business intelligence as well as ad-hoc reporting keep clients on top of their stock levels.

For Dotcom, staying on top of the game is especially vital during the holidays. Meeting a 99+% inventory accuracy rate during the chaos and crush of the holiday season can be a challenge for even the most advanced distribution models. But with irms|WM Dotcom can handle exponential increases in orders even as clients are ramping up their normal volumes. The company’s near perfection ensures clients accurate same-day shipping in the correct brand packaging.

Business Value:

Upp Technology irms|WM solution has allowed Dotcom Distribution to leverage innovative technology, industry best practices and human capital to achieve 100% inventory and shipping accuracy, providing e-commerce customers with simplified management, lower cost and improved control as well as a framework that offers scalability and adaptability to promote operational growth.

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