Client Profile:

Sentara Healthcare is an integrated, regional, not-for-profit healthcare and health management system, servicing over 2 million residents in Virginia and North Carolina. Through a network of 100 care giving sites – including seven acute hospitals with 1,728 beds, ten nursing and assisted-living centers and 40 primary care offices – Sentara has consistently ranked among the nation's top 100 integrated healthcare networks.

Meeting the exacting demands of today's healthcare client while providing critical and timely medical services to over 100 discrete healthcare operations required seamless integration and an event-driven, centrally managed, scalable and inherently flexible Warehouse Management System.


Upp Technology deployed the irms|WM™ Warehouse Management System in Sentara’s central distribution facilities, housing thousands of medical supply SKUs – everything from surgical gowns and latex gloves to band aids and bedpans – including interfacing with a wireless network for automated data capture from product bar codes using both handheld and vehicle-mounted hardware devices.

Implemented using a phased approach, the irms|WM rollout included bi-directional integration with Sentara’s McKesson Pathways Materials Management Host system for purchasing and financials, enabling seamless transaction tracking for managed material procurement and other end-user order processes.

Providing same-day pick, pack and delivery to a large campus network, including emergency care facilities, irms|WM enables Sentara to stay ahead of demand. irms|BI™ Business Intelligence provides views of real-time data to ensure the correct inventory is in place when it’s needed. Seamless controls provide compliance with SOX mandates while allowing logistics personnel to focus on product distribution. And precision product life cycle management includes cycle counting for SOX-compliant inventory at any time.

Business Value:

Centralized and automated inventory management with irms|WM has enabled Sentara Healthcare to increase operational efficiencies, inventory accuracy and visibility, while controlling costs. The new seamless warehousing, inventory and distribution provided with irms|WM and McKesson has streamlined receiving, eliminating the previous bottlenecks, incorporated ASNs for pre-receipt visibility, and optimized pick, packing and shipping.

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