The Next-Generation WMS with Voice Picking  

A fundamental shift is underway as thought leaders review their existing distribution center processes: Many now call the voice-enabled warehouse the next generation in distribution center and warehouse material-handling management. In the voice-enabled warehouse, there are fewer alphanumeric keyboards, and scanning provides secondary worker enablement. The business argument for voice-enabling technology is simple: Speech for the distribution center worker quantitatively provides measurable business value.

Today's Leading Warehouses Use Voice Technology to:

  • Reducing on-boarding training time: Training time for Voice is typically a few hours, compared to several days for other technologies such as RF scanning, handhelds, and paper-based methods.
  • Increasing worker satisfaction: Workers are motivated by the ease of using Voice. Businesses that use Voice Solutions typically see a reduction in worker turnover. Workers find voice easy to learn, and satisfying to use because it enables them to be more productive.
  • Enabling a distribution center to be WMS-directed versus worker-directed. Voice prompts set the pace and routing for the worker, reducing idle time and maximizing the efficiency of each trip and every activity.
  • Integrating with irms|WM® Warehouse Management to track productivity as well as accuracy for each worker with Vocollect VoiceConsole. VoiceConsole has a comprehensive, statistical data-management reporting capability to track and report worker progress.
  • Enabling smaller distribution centers to schedule personnel to perform multiple tasks on the same shift. For example, a worker can be scheduled to perform picking / selection at the start of the shift, and then replenishment on the second half of the shift. Tasks can also be interleaved throughout the day.
  • Reducing safety issues – with Voice technology, a forklift and pallet-jack drivers can keep their eyes forward and their hands on the steering wheel instead of being distracted by displays and keyboards.

The voice-enabled warehouse is not some technology of the indefinite future – it is a powerful reality today, with millions of users around the world who depend on voice technology to support their business process flow improvements and to provide an indomitable advantage over their competition, especially in the rapidly expanding ecommerce fulfillment area.

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