Reduce costs, eliminate headaches and increase productivity by moving your WMS to the cloud

Why Move to The Cloud?

Cloud computing allows you the benefit of accessing great software without having to worry about computer hardware purchases, software installation, upgrades, never-ending maintenance costs, power outages or temperature fluxuations in the server room.

According to an InformationWeek survey, close to 80% of CIO’s say their companies are currently using some form of Software as a Service (SaaS). Innovative technology solutions have made moving to the cloud a priority for most organizations today. Moving to the cloud offers amazing benefits including:

Get So Much More, Pay So Much Less.
Rather than spending a small fortune on a traditional Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), in the cloud you pay a small monthly fee based on how many people actually use the system.

Remove the Risk and Cost of IT. 
Relieve internal demands on your IT department and focus more on your business. No longer do you have to worry about regularly purchasing new hardware, maintaining massive amounts of data storage, installing software upgrades and security patches or preparing for new releases.

Scalable to Grow with Your Business.
Quickly ramp up or down based on the changing needs of your business. The cloud allows you to use what you need today with the flexibility to quickly increase based on your needs tomorrow.

Anywhere, Anytime Access.
Accessing your supply chain data is now as easy as getting on the Internet. In the cloud, you have the power to completely control your WMS from anywhere, at any time via workstation, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

Easy On, Easy Off Licensing. 
Most businesses experience increases and decreases in production through the calendar year. While traditional Warehouse Management Systems offer rigid pricing packages, irms|360 Enterprise gives you the flexibility to quickly adjust for to the varying periods of your production. You'll be able to quickly ramp up user licenses to accommodate production increases and then rapidly ramp down user licenses when your business returns to a normal state of operations.

State-of-the-Art Data Security.
Moving to the cloud will instantly improve your organization’s data security. Using state-of-the-art technologies, your data is maintained using a continual process of compliance updates, security patches and implementation, insulating your organization against threats as they happen. With your data safely stored in a secure data center, you are fully protected – from hardware malfunctions to power disruptions to natural disasters.

Total Command and Control.
You decide. The cloud offers you total command over your data security. You have control of what every user can view, access, download, report, input and delete so you never have to worry about the integrity of your system.

Get Started Immediately.
What are you waiting for? Purchasing, setting-up and using a WMS is easier than ever. With minimal setup and training time, your warehouse could be up and running in the cloud tomorrow.

With irms|360 Enterprise, you have secure access to your supply chain from virtually anywhere, all for a fraction of the cost of a traditional WMS. Schedule a demo today.

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