In the global marketplace, competition is fierce and wholesale distributors are under rising pressure to increase efficiency while cutting costs. Those who succeed find innovative solutions to raise profit margins without sacrificing customer service.

The leading cloud warehouse management system for wholesale distributors

Increase profits, streamline operations and add value for your customers. Our award-winning cloud warehouse management system provides continuous real-time visibility and instantaneous monitoring of your people, products and processes so you can maximize resources, reduce costs and drive efficiencies forward.

The Aptean WMS irms Edition Enterprise Cloud Warehouse Management System is designed to optimize efficiency at every level of the distribution supply chain. End-to-end visibility of products, people, and process helps your organization achieve an unprecedented level of accountability. Higher visibility leads to absolute efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profits.

Top Benefits
  • Real-time inventory control and tracking of UPC, EAN, EPN, and Harmonized codes or GTIN numbers
  • 99.999% Inventory accuracy at the bin location and shipping
  • Real-time integration into 3rd party system for accounting, royalty payment and shipping
  • Error-free shipments
  • Advanced cartonization
  • Kitting On Demand or Build-to-Stock
  • Up to 40% reduction in labor costs
  • Fast ROI
  • Automatic alerts and notifications
  • Robust returns module provides real-time scanning to expidite QA process, credits and disposition

A WMS Built for the Needs of Today's Distributors


Aptean WMS|WM Work Center supports Kitting, Assembly & Disassembly; prebuilt and on-demand kitting; multi-level Bill of Materials and subcomponent tracking; and most any Value Added Service (e.g., repack, relabel, retail displays, etc.), including personalization and customization requirements.

Advanced Cloud Platform
Advanced Cloud Platform

Designed to maximize your technology investment, the Aptean WMS Cloud Framework brings the ultimate in accessibility, flexibility, interactivity, scalability, and interoperability to your organization. Our advanced cloud platform is built upon a leading-edge technology stack that enables total command and control of people, products, and processes throughout your supply chain.


Make integration fast, easy and affordable with our open source platform, powered by Talend, for data interfacing, sharing, and messaging between your WMS and third-party applications. Our robust integration toolset provides native support for OBDB/JDBC, XML, Web Services, EDI, flat files and more. Integration standards are transportable, enabling import/export and sharing of document definitions, data mappings, transformations, operations, and validation. 


Lower operational costs and accelerate productivity with easy to use, cost-effective, light, and durable mobile devices. Aptean WMS|Mobility brings together the power of award-winning warehouse management software with the usability of smartphones and tablets.

Customer Portals

With a secure, single sign-on in a cloud, hosted, centralized or decentralized environment, Aptean WMS|Portals offer comprehensive and immediate access for managers, customers, and vendors alike through a common e-commerce and order delivery framework. Standards-compliant for data integrity, our one footprint solution provides a customizable menu, messaging, employee and customer user account management, real-time visibility to inventory in secure audience-specific data silos, built-in decision support, and online training.

Easy On / Easy Off
Easy On / Easy Off

While traditional Warehouse Management Systems offer rigid pricing packages, Aptean WMS, available in SaaS and On-Premise pricing models, gives you the flexibility to quickly adjust for to the varying periods of your production. You'll be able to quickly ramp up user licenses to accommodate production increases and then rapidly ramp down user licenses when your business returns to a normal state of operations.

Material Handling
Business Rules

System tables and Business Rules enable the Aptean WMS Decision Support System to guide your associates in their day-to-day tasks. By managing activities in your warehouse systematically, Aptean WMS ensures enforcement of your processes and procedures on the warehouse floor, while also allowing for that essential flexibility that makes your business exceptional.

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