Vancouver, Canada – The business of hosting an international sporting event requires a time-tested logistical model for planning, organizing, financing and staging; the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are no exception. Forecasters are anticipating 5,500 athletes and team officials for the Olympic Games, 1,350 for the Paralympic Games. Over 10,000 media representatives are expected to be in attendance, while 3 billion television viewers will likely tune in from their homes across the world. In support of this extraordinary initiative, the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the Games (VANOC) must build and supply sporting and residential facilities on a campus covering over 100 square miles, while designing logistical solutions to meet the day-to-day needs of hosted athletic teams.

VANOC has selected Upp Technology's irms|WM Warehouse Management to orchestrate planning and day-to-day warehouse inventory management for all warehouses, event venues and housing facilities. While inventory tracking was cited as central to its choice of IRMS over competitors, the system as implemented has allowed material planners to go beyond IRMS' traditional functionality. IRMS has been integrated with architectural Computer Assisted Design (CAD) systems to allow venue planners the ability to view the layout of proposed inventory deployments. Not only do material managers employ IRMS to see that each athlete's room includes a bed, alarm clock, garbage can, etc., but the system also ensures identical physical placement of items within each room. Graphical Layouts of each unique room, as designed within the CAD system, have been interwoven with IRMS real-time inventory views to create a full picture of the logistic needs of today's modern athlete.

The solution will provide VANOC with a set of business tools to enforce its exacting inventory management and fulfillment processes standards across multiple facilities and venues. With an event of this magnitude, and a spot light this bright, IRMS is allowing the VANOC planners an unprecedented view into future demands, and helping ensure the logistical success of the world's greatest sporting event.

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