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Aptean WMS irms Edition Cloud Platform

Bundled into a leading-edge technology stack, the Aptean WMS cloud framework provides a single-source solution to view and manage people, products, and processes on-demand.

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Harvest the power of your data for more informed decision making

Aptean WMS is a centralized cloud-based data repository, providing secure, localized views to real-time, actionable intelligence, that brings disparate data silos together in a single source, performance dashboard-driven solution. From central to remote locations and supply chain partners, Aptean WMS brings interoperability to your organization, enabling total command and control over operations, while bridging the gap for the ultimate in communication, collaboration, and informed decision-making.

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Technology Framework

Our warehouse management system's Aptean WMS foundation simplifies every part of your operational process whether you manage a single distribution center or a global enterprise.

Web and mobile warehouse management solutions are built on the Aptean WMS Framework for the ultimate in accessibility, flexibility, interactivity, scalability, and interoperability. Designed to maximize your technology investment, Aptean WMS supports SOA for ease of integration, an object-relational middle-tier for a choice of database, and judicious use of open source technology.

Aptean WMS is platform-independent and technology-neutral, supporting: NHibernate (ORM) for mapping the database object/relational model; .NET Framework along with open-source Spring.NET for building high-quality, high-performance applications using Design Patterns; and open-source Talend for integration, interfacing, and messaging.

NHibernate (ORM)

For high-performance object/relational persistence and query, NHibernate facilitates Aptean WMS database schema mapping, eliminating manual SQL/JDBC coding, and greatly facilitating data query and retrieval while still supporting SQL for maximum independence. This elegant use of object orientation on the Java side also keeps the relational schema normalized and ensures data integrity. NHibernate is open-source licensed, free for use in development and production environments.


The Spring.NET layer of Aptean WMS provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing the software suite based on proven architectural and design patterns independent of platform. Spring.NET is modular, enabling as-needed use of components, reducing complexity with base class libraries and ensuring integrity with Development best practices, such as Test-Driven Development, for maximum application quality and performance. Spring.NET is created, supported, and sustained by SpringSource.


Powered by open source Talend, utilizes a holistic approach to integration, enabling convergence of traditionally disparate integration efforts and practices through a common set of products, tools, and best practices. Aptean WMS|Integration combines common graphical tooling, repository, deployment, execution, and monitoring capabilities and provides support for large databases, packaged apps, SaaS solutions, mainframes, web services, OLAP, etc.

Core Features and Functions

Free your data and harvest its power to increase your efficiency and revenue with Aptean WMS Enterprise.


Aptean WMS enables many users to access solutions and data simultaneously through the cloud, over the Internet or an intranet, using virtualization, or on the go. Our solutions are secure, designed for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) providing discrete permissions at the role or user level, and support the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).


Aptean WMS is the premier platform for enterprise integration and communications. Our platform delivers the only unified platform for business process management, application integration, and data management allowing organizations to increase business productivity, deliver projects faster, and lower operating costs.

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