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Aptean WMS irms Edition|Portals

Manage inventory levels with automated ordering, allocation, distribution, and tracking through a single, secure web portal.

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Cloud-ready Aptean WMS|Portals offer a highly configurable web interface for secure, online registration, inventory visibility, order placement, tracking, and reporting.

Providing fast and easy online shopping for inventory, Aptean WMS|Portals increase order accuracy and speed of fulfillment while decreasing costs through operational efficiencies from the office to the warehouse.

Aptean WMS|Portals enable lot control and expiration tracking, electronic order submission, automated allocation, and doses administered/wasted reporting. It features customizable menuing and messaging, provider account management, real-time visibility to inventory in secure audience-specific data silos, agency order approvals workflow, triggered notifications, alerts, and detailed reporting.

Core Features and Functions 

Aptean WMS|Portals simplifies every part of your operational process whether you manage a single distribution center or a global enterprise.

Account Management
  • Online Provider Registration
  • Contacts, Shipping, Delivery, License Details
  • Agency Review and Approvals
  • Triggered Email Status Alerts
Inventory Management
  • Real-time Inventory Visibility
  • Continuous Quantity Updates
  • Vaccine Lot Control with Expiration Alerts
  • Vaccine Temperature Validation
Online Ordering
  • Automated Allocation Option
  • Agency Managed Formulary or Open
  • Replenishment per Maximum Stock Levels
  • Vaccine Calculator
Distribution & Tracking
  • Receipts, Shipments
  • Provider Transfers
  • Optional Interfacing to CDC/McKesson
  • Triggered Inventory, Order, Shipping Updates
Reporting & Analytics
  • Dosages Administered Reporting
  • Dosages Lost/Spoiled/Expired Reporting
  • Built-in and Custom Reporting
  • Data Import and Export

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