irms|EM® Emergency Management is a scalable, flexible, adaptable and mobile multiagency solution for emergency preparedness and response, including public health interoperability for wide-scale communications, and incident management from the EOC to the field.

Key Components

  • Countermeasure Response
  • Mass Casualty Incidents
  • Streamlined Mass Vaccination
  • POD/Clinic Management
  • Medical Assistance Shelters
  • MCI Field Triage & Transport
  • Mass Evacuation
  • Shelter Management
  • Family Reunification
  • Flu Clinics and Daily Events
Earthquake, flood, hurricane, whatever the circumstance, irms|EM manages receipt, staging, storage, allocation, mobilization and tracking of SNS vaccines/drugs and PPE as well as state/local/military stockpiles and vendor donated items. The automated decision support system apportions inventory according to the event (CBRNE) and population, allocating from RSS to RDNs/PODs/clinics for dispensing to those in need.
Pre-incident registration facilitates provider readiness (ESAR-VHP). Automated CDC pipe file import generates Push Pack inventory and containers. Built-in US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 validation tracks product from containers to the community. And integrated inventory management together with critical patient data (HIPAA) provide non-stop situational awareness, enabling proactive response to the changing situation on the ground.
irms|EM supports mobile handhelds and bar code data capture from inventory/location labels and patient wristbands; NIMS resource typing and FEMA ICS reporting; visual Dashboards and Alerts for continuous sitreps; and seamless integration for total Command & Control (XML-HL7).
Keep accurate mission data within your grasp when speed, visibility and interoperability are the most critical. Schedule an emergency management demo today.

Core Features and Functions Battle-tested and field-proven, irms|EM Emergency Management is an easy-to-use and robust multi-agency IT solution for emergency preparedness and disaster response.

Incident Manager

With our geo-mapping/incident management/situational awareness tool, resource readiness status can be easily identified and changed, and the readiness status is displayed on symbols representing assets geo-coded and persistent on our geo-maps. Our application includes the entire DHS symbol set, so incidents of various types (natural, man-made, or technological), emergency operations in response to these incidents, and a comprehensive set of infrastructure can be visualized. Each and every asset includes a readiness component. Our system also includes a powerful incident tracking/management tool, where assets can be visualized by emergency service discipline in response to emergency events, and color coding is utilized to designate the status and/or prognosis of an event in progress. Our situational awareness system is a multi-user, multi-agency, collaborative working environment.

POD Management

At the point of dispensing site irms|EM supports the capture of patient demographic details as well as a patient’s perception of their medical need or exposure to an event to support State and Federal (CDC Countermeasure Response Administration) requirements. The data is used in conjunction with the patient assessment process and aids in advanced statistical analysis during investigations taking place after the disaster event. Digital patient photos may also be attached to the patient record to further assist in the identification process. irms|EM also supports the association and tracking of dependents, such as dependent children or elderly relatives to a master “Guardian.” This further streamlines the registration process for faster patient throughput during critical or high-volume situations such as the annual flu season or a surge event requiring emergency response. Dependent tracking to the patient’s index record can additionally facilitate reunification of families during a disaster.

Inventory Dispensing

irms|EM is additionally designed for quick, efficient dispensing of medications and other supplies. It not only captures data pertinent to the patient, but also the medications given to them. Data can be entered manually or captured using bar code scanning devices. Drug identification, embedded lot/expiration date, and quantity details can all be captured, providing the fastest possible patient processing. Integrated with the perpetual irms|WM inventory system, irms|PM automatically subtracts inventory as it is dispensed, keeping point of dispensing stock levels up-to-date.

Mass Evacuation & Shelter Care

irms|EM provides first responders with mass evacuation tools for the identification of individuals with special needs and their location within a community. irms|EM also provides medical shelters with tools to enroll the population in the shelter, manage shelter inventory, and access to a database of relevant demographics to assess eligibility for various benefits associated with the event. In addition, medical sheltering with irms|EM provides unique requirements for information related to patient medical history, unique supply and resupply date needs, and specialized information about benefits histories and eligibilities.

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