The first inclusive solution suite for fast, accurate and complete visibility in public health, from first response, patient triage, transportation, and tracking to centralized warehousing, asset management, and recovery.

Achieve fast, accurate and complete visibility in public health for situational awareness, communication, collaboration, and connectivity.

irms|360® Enterprise provides public health officials with a single source tracking solution for public health needs. Deployed on a disaster basis, day-to-day basis, and in support of scenarios or exercises for mitigation, preparedness, readiness, and responsiveness, our software will increase your organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our secure, standards-compliant irms|360 software tracks people, processes and products from end-to-end in every situation. Complete tracking as public health materials, such as vaccines, drugs, medical supplies and equipment, literature and more, are shipped from central storage sites, dispensed to branch locations such as hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, and issued to the public.

Supporting all aspects of large-scale public health emergency response, our emergency management software completes automated handling of the SNS, and distribution of other stockpiles. It also tracks donated materials to PODs and shelters, including mobilization, recovery, reuse, demobilization, and tracking of mission-critical inventories.

At the point-of-data-capture, irms|360 validates and verifies inventory, asset, human resources and patient information. it then stores it for continuous visibility, public accountability, real-time business intelligence, and post-response analysis and reporting.

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